Crawling on the Dust

الزحف على التراب

A web documentary about the Nomadic Bedouins in Egypt, through this website you can explore their Journey, Traditional Weddings, Culture & Life, and see portraits of their beautiful faces.

And a film about Ali Zaraay & his visual anthropological project on #Nomadic Bedouins in Egypt. Through their journeys, Ali was able to see himself in their struggles, instability and quest for self realisation.

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"CRAWLING ON the Dust"

Who are the Nomadic Bedouins in Egypt's Delta?

Though adhering to their ancestors’ traditions taking all the hardships of the environment, the Nomadic Bedouins live a simple lifestyle in coexistence with these challenges. Their lives lack any aspect of the modern world. This strengthens patience. They rely heavily on the available natural resources in their life; pillars of their temporary tents, “nests” they call them. Stability is not something the Nomadic Bedouins relate to. 

They differ in appearance and traditions. They don’t resemble settled communities, their culture is very different. Their music, appearances, and lifestyle are quite unique to them.

Ali's Journey with the Nomads
 North Egypt 2016 - 2020
Ali's Journey with the Nomads
2016 - 2020

The journey


Nomadic Bedouins' weddings


Nomadic Bedouins start their weddings in daylight from their tents, then they party in a portable celebration arena.


Nomadic Bedouins' Daily Life

The Tent
The Tent "Nest"
A nomadic woman in her tent

Where do they live? What is their food? How do they enjoy their times? How do they shower if they live in tents? What about education? Their markets?

What are the struggles they face?


Portraits of the Nomadic bedouins