Covid-19 communication


With Hajj Hani

  • Hello Haj Hani

  • Hello, how have you been? 

  • I just came back from the UK

  • Oh you were in the UK? And you came back to Egypt? Who chooses to come back here after going to Britain?

  • Didn’t Britain colonise us for some time?

  • Yeah, it did

  • Yes, we have a history with this country.

  • Is Ali doing well? Is he in Holland?

  • No he is in Germany, he is sending you his regards

  • You should come visit us

  • Yes, once the Corona thing is over, Is it affecting you at all?

  • We are not affected at all, not even a bit. The Bedouin doesn’t die before he/she is 100 or 150 years old. We have a good immunity.

  • Hahahaha bless you Haj Hani.

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