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The Nomadic Bedouins are not settled, they live in tents that the women do themselves.

This red tent is made by Ali, after spending years with them he was able to make his own sleep place.

The Nomads' food is mainly homemade, they still store the food in traditional ways so they don't rot as they travel. They store the cheese and pickles in certain ways. They also bake their break in what is called kanoon which is like a whole in the sand. They get eggs, meat and milk from their animals. And they buy the vegetables from nearby fresh markets.

The women gather daily to spend some time together afternoon. They have different jobs and tasks in their daily lives. The women in the middle in black is the tailor. They give the tailor the cloth and she design it the way they wish. 

Some other women sell the different fabrics that could be used to design their colourful dresses.

Each year a new style is out in their traditional dresses. And they name them differently, also each age group dresses up in a certain colour. 


VIDEO | Hajja Ghalia speaking about their fashion

Traditionally, if any problems happened between members of the nomads, people meet to fix their problems and reconcile their friendships.

Men too spend regular chilled time together afternoon. 

These men gatherings are also used to solve problems and to manage their affairs.

These are children of the Nomads in the religious festival "mawlid" of Ahmed Badawi in Tanta.

These religious festivals "mawlid" are one of the few times the Nomads go out and have fun with people of the villages and cities in a pause from their nomadic life.

Hany's children in the school, which they failed to get enrolled to not only because of their travels but because the schools in the area are not of good shape and they can't afford private education.

Hany's Brother Haj Mohammed taking a shower.

This is how they keep their babies safe in their tents.


Animals are integral in the life of the Nomads. 

It is the main reason they travel constantly around different villages and cities, as they look for lands that animals could feed on. Their animals are part of their daily life and their wellbeing is their main concern.

The animals' importance to the Nomads is not only in their commodity value.

But they also feed on animals goods; eggs, milk, butter, and meat. 

The live stock markets are the main source of income to the Nomadic Bedouins. In these markets they sell their buffalos and sheep.

Dogs for the nomads are the companions. Dogs are dear friends to them, and is important because it guards them during their trips and at night.

Salem, one of the young Nomads, became a close friend of Ali. They constantly communicate through facebook and calls. They discuss football and the city life.

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