The nomadic Journey

Ali over the past years has followed the Nomads around many villages and towns in Egypt's Delta. The journey he saw was not easy, there are a lot of struggles the Nomads face from such an unsettled life. 

Their main struggles is accidents especially this that can affect their animals - the main reason the travel. Another struggle is being attacked by thiefs or thugs, so they rotate around sleeping shifts.

Below you can see photos of what the road looks like. 


Animals face a lot of risk as they travel with the Nomads. Accidents is something the Nomads face a lot with their animals, either from the land itself as shown on the right or from their proximity with cars as shown below.


The Nomads can't afford taking their injured animals to the vet, and also most of the time accidents happen at night or in remote areas on the road where a vet couldn't help.

So they all learn how to heal their animals themselves, and they learn it at a young age. They always travel with their animals' aid kit.

1 (77).JPG

My eyes witnessed a lot while moving; I saw death. Once ghosts appeared in the old airport road in Dakahlia. The animals started running, women and kids were screaming. I couldn’t see anything; I only felt a black canvas in front of  my eyes. Men’s hair turned white from walking and sleeping in the desert.  You never know who or what you will encounter.” - El Hajja Ghazal.

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This woman became very old to continuously travel and her children couldn't afford to settle. So they kept her beside the water and people from different tribes would regularly check on her. 

The Water Problem

Since they live in mobile shelters "tents", they don't regularly have access to drinkable water. So they also need to continuously take long routes and travels to get water from the nearest possible place. 

This girl went on her daily trip to refill water from a place that is couples of kilos away.


"إلحقيني يامّة .. إلحقي خراب البيوت يامّة"

"Help me mom!"

"Look at the horrible loss"


Haj Hani was shouting when his buffalo was drowning in the sluiceway of water on their way. With all his power he tried to take it out, with the help of some men in the neighbouring village they took it out when it was taking its last breaths. So they slaughtered it before it dies, so at least it becomes edible. This incident is very sad and remarkable for Haj Hani.

Haj Hani at his father's tomb who passed away in 2015

One of the obstacles the Nomads face during their travel is when they lose a family member. In their customs, it is best to burry them quickly, but they are not always around the graveyard that they can curry in. They take a while to travel with the corps of their lost family member to burry him or her.