Nomadic Bedouins start their weddings in daylight from their tents, then they party in a portable celebration arena.

"ياخدها التمساح .. ولا ياخدهاش فلاح"

" She could be taken by an alligator but not by a villager"

This is an old saying the Nomads that implies the impossibility of a Nomadic girl marrying someone who is a villager. Not because peasants are bad but because the villager's settled life doesn't appeal to them. And because they used to adhere to their customs. But now they started to inter-marry from neighbouring villages, not a lot but it is relatively more.In this wedding, Selim is a nomad but Warda is from the village. Even their weddings started to alter a bit and adapt some habits of urban and rural weddings. Like bringing a belly dancer to the weddings.

Weddings just like their unsettled life are not standard. Some weddings are during the day some are during the night. And many start during the day and continue the party till the night. 

Every family arrange their weddings differently, but they all enjoy the gathering of family and friends, dancing, traditional clothes, and being held in open areas or portable open party spaces.

Traditionally, new weds should have furniture; of course light and necessary ones only. 

This portable oven is something they should get and celebrate, but usually they sell it shortly after because although its portability it becomes hard and heavy to travel with as they go on with their journey.

Traditional Dresses

In their weddings, most of the nomadic women dress up in their beautiful vivid traditional dresses.

Colours of the dresses differ depending on the group age. Girls of 12 years and younger enjoy very vivid colours, women more than 40 years dress up in dark dresses mainly black, and women in between dress up in colours traditionally used in their group age.

The bride, groom, family and friends on their way to the wedding celebrations.

During their celebrative weddings, nomads enjoy music, dancing and alot of beer. 

This picture is captured in the way they love to be photographed. This project attempts to be styled the way they enjoy to be visually represented.

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